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Haven't been to church before, or in a long time?

Don't panic - we will give you a warm welcome and there's no compulsion to take part in anything you aren't comfortable with.

What should I wear?

Come in your usual casual clothes and you will fit right in.

Will I have to sing?

No, we won't mind if you'd rather just listen! Many of us love to express ourselves to God through songs, and there will be a mixture of well-known hymns and recently written songs in most services. Words are provided, and you can sing along if you feel comfortable. But don't worry - even the most devoted Christians don't always feel like singing.

Do I need to make a donation?

We have a collection point towards the back of our Church. This is an opportunity for our regular congregation members to give financially to the church in worship of God. If you are new or just coming to check us out, please know that you are not expected to give!

What does a service include?

As well as songs, there will be prayers to listen to and join in silently, a talk about some aspect of the Bible or Christian living, and an opportunity, if you wish, to come and be prayed with and for.

How long does the service last?

Each service lasts somewhere between an hour and an hour and a half (including a talk of around 20 minutes), and we serve free tea, coffee and biscuits afterwards.

How will I know when to stand, sit or kneel?

We usually stand to sing and sit at other times in the service, unless the minister says to do something different. You can kneel when you pray, but you don't have to. If in doubt, follow everyone else - that's what we do when we're not sure!

Is it okay to come if I don't believe a word of it?

Absolutely. Come along just to see what it's like; you will not be bludgeoned into saying things you don't mean or making any commitment you're not ready for. If you want to discuss the faith in more depth, why not come along to the regular exploring faith courses that are part of the Faith & Life Programme or read more about the faith here.