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On Sunday mornings during the 10:40 service we provide groups which aim to provide an environment of fun and friendship, at the same time as encouraging children to discover and develop a personal faith in Jesus Christ.

The children join the church family for the first 20 minutes of the service and at around 11am leave the service to join the kids work. The sessions start with an opportunity for all of the children to meet together, to experience worship together, times of prayer and testimony and then to hear the morning’s teaching theme (we’ll be aiming to teach them the same themes as adults receive in the morning sermons). After the teaching the children will have the opportunity to choose a activities in three different groups; Active, Create and Engage. The ‘Active’ room provides children with a chance to burn off some Sunday morning energy by taking part in energetic, run around games and learn more about the morning’s theme by getting active. For children who like to get there creative juices following, the morning’s theme is explored through arts, craft and other creative mediums in the ‘Create’ room. Digging a bit deeper, the ‘Engage’ room gives children the opportunity to delve into the morning’s teaching in an interactive and immersive way.

Our youngest members of Trinity Kid’s will be involved in the Trinity Kid’s Service too, along with the Creche Team. After our joint time of worship, word and prayer, Creche will continue to run for all babies and pre-school aged children.

The Trinity Kid’s team know how important it is for children to develop their faith along with their family and are always happy to welcome family members to join us throughout the morning, if they would like to.

Why this structure and not age groups?

By creating a time together at the start we hope to replicate what it is like being in the church service but in a child focused manner. The hope is that if they are used to prayers, worship, sharing the peace from a young age then transitioning to church services when they are older will be easier.
We’re aware that all children are different and while one child may love cutting and sticking, it might be boring for another. By creating spaces for different ways of engaging with the teaching we hope to create ways that enable the children to learn in a way that they are most comfortable with. Finally by opening up the entire morning to the family and by following the teaching themes of the morning sermons we hope to begin engaging and equipping parents to begin discipling their own children and encouraging faith in their families; statistics (and common sense) show that the most influential voices in a child’s spiritual and faith development are their parents and whilst it can be an incredibly daunting task for individual parents we as a church want to support, equip and encourage families as much as we can!