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This easter we've picked out for you some great videos which help to explain the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. We encourage you to make time during holy week to watch these videos together, and to have a short discussion or just let your natural family fun flow.


For ages 3-10

For ages 10+


Question 1

What was something interesting or new that stood out to you in the video?

Question 2

What was something that you didn’t understand or found confusing?

Question 3

How does the easter story of Jesus’ death and resurrection affect your life today?  What emotion does it make you feel?


O God, we ask You to hold our family
As we try to fathom love
That sacrificed on our behalf,
Willing to be betrayed
And suffer death on a cross.

Death could not hold You.
Sin could not destroy You.
For You are God
And worthy of every praise!

May our children (and ourselves)
Bask in the truth
That you have conquered sin and death,
And may that living hope
Spill into all they do, all they meet, all they are.
(Taken from a selection of easter prayers in To Light Their Way by Kayla Craig)


Using a hollow easter egg…

Look at the whole egg and think of is as the closed tomb where Jesus’ body had been buried. Thank God that he sent his son Jesus’ as our substitute to pay for our sins, through dying on the cross.

Open up the two halves of the egg (try not to break if possible) and think on it as the open and empty tomb where Jesus is no longer, but risen from the dead.  Thank God that Jesus did not just stay dead but rose again, giving us hope that the presence of sin will one day be removed forever and the kingdom of God will be restored.

Share the chocolate between you and think about how we share the good news of Jesus death with others also.  Ask the Holy Spirit to help us be ready to tell others about Jesus when the opportunities arise.


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