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As a church community we believe that God has a Mission to restore humanity and the created order to Himself through the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that God calls us to join in with Him on this Mission of restoration. Therefore, as a local church we want to partner with other organisations both locally and globally in the Mission of God.

Holy Trinity Mission Partners are either individuals working with charitable organisations or charitable organisations that we have regular and personal contact with. We partner with others through prayer support, encouragement and financial giving and hope that our Mission Partners will pray for us and keep us in contact with what they are doing by which we are blessed and encouraged too!  Read about our Mission Partners below and click on the links in the headers to find out more about each.

Mission Aviation Fellowship

MAF use light aircraft & technology to bring help hope and
healing in remote areas of the world supporting church, mission and Aid
Work. Bryan travels extensively and is a Relief Pilot, also working for HQ in Folkstone. Bryan and Tricia both promote the work of MAF in the UK and 
Channel Islands in the capacity of PR ambassadors and are supported by Trinity.


Tumaini means Hope in Swahili: the Tumaini Fund brings hope 
to 20,000 Aids orphans in Kagera, Tanzania, through education,
housing, micro-finance, clean water, counselling and Jesus' love.

New Wine

New Wine is an international movement of churches working 
together to change nations through a network of church leaders,
summer conferences, training events and resources. New Wine 
Guernsey seeks to support local churches in making and growing 
disciples of Jesus Christ.

Leprosy Mission

Our overall vision is a world without leprosy, and
our priority for the future is to stay focused until the work is

Church Pastoral Aid Society

CPAS enables churches to help every person hear and discover
 the good news of Jesus Christ. They are committed to mission and
 equipping churches in Britain for their God‐given task of evangelism.
 CPAS are joint Patrons of Holy Trinity and are influential in the 
appointment of the Vicar!

Church Mission Society

The Draysons ‐ Nick and Catherine are working with 
indigenous peoples, largely based in the Chaco Forest. Nick is the 
Diocesan Bishop of Northern Argentina. Nick is also helping to 
formulate a new diocesan vision, including preparation of new 
indigenous bishops, ensuring that the indigenous voice is heard in the 
wider church and in society at large, preserving language and identity.

Mercy Ships

Mercy Ships provides free surgery and medical care, and partners 
with local communities to improve health care, offering training and 
advice, materials and hands‐on assistance. The Gregg family are now
 working at the International Operations Centre (IOC) in Texas, USA. Chris is the Chief Information Officer for Mercy Ships and is
 responsible for the worldwide IT strategy and systems.


Compassion seeks out some of the world's most vulnerable 
children and through individual sponsors provides them with the 
means to break the cycle of poverty and create a viable future. 
Support is by direct sponsorship of children.

Bible Society

Support for HIV/AIDS Good Samaritan Project, Tanzania. The
 Bible is proving to be a powerful weapon and this project trains
 communities to behave and think differently, using the parable Jesus told
 about the Good Samaritan.


Practical Assistance in Christian Education (PACE). Promotion of Christian values in the school
 environment, support of Christian Unions, clubs and

Romanian Aid Appeal

Founded by Stuart and Wendy Wilson in 1990 and is a Christian 
organisation committed to supporting The Bethesda Foundation who 
seek to provide a home and future for street children of Romania's third 
largest city, Galati.

StreetLife Pastors

StreetLife Pastors is an initiative that is coordinated by local Churches, and supported by the Guernsey Police. The purpose of StreetLife is to give pastoral support to people who are out in Town on Friday nights, between 11pm and 3am. Our teams of volunteers are on hand to look after, listen, and talk with people who are in any kind of need. If you would like to get involved or want to know more visit the Facebook page.